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8 reasons you don’t want to miss Wyoming 211’s Lip Sync Battle.

Published July 17, 2023
  1. Name a more unique and creative way to spend a Friday night. Go ahead, I’ll wait…
  2. It’s not everyday you get to witness your mayor, friends, and community members step outside of their comfort zones and jump on stage!
  3. The music will be pumpin’ and the booties will be shakin’.
  4. It’s like a fun night of karaoke without the bad singing!
  5. There will be a panel of celebrity judges critiquing the performances on lip sync ability, stage presence, creativity and crowd appeal.
  6. Delicious food and adult beverages will be served.
  7. You can learn about the important work Wyoming 211 is doing for our neighbors by connecting them to the help they need.
  8. You will feel good supporting and helping to raise money for Wyoming 211’s mission.

August 11th- Sheridan

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