Sometimes you need more than an Internet search.

You need a conversation.

What We Stand For

Certain issues are hard to navigate. You’re not alone.


Wyoming 211 is a trusted and responsive provider of information, referrals and support regarding health and social services in partnership with communities.



Be a trusted and responsible source for partners and community members.
Grow a sustainable and flexible funding model.
Develop leadership and resources across the state that represent the diverse voices of our clients.
Provide innovate and responsive services.
Have a sustainable operations structure.


Inclusive and Accessible - Value the diversity of our clients and include it in all that we do. Ensuring that we are accessible to everyone where they are.
Relationship-Centered - Have a personal touch that looks for solutions to the client's complete needs and story.

Community Focused - Create connections on a local level that provides connections to resources to the people and communities around the state.

Collaborative - Be a strong community partner that builds connections between partners, resources, clients and communities.

Quality Driven - Hold ourselves to high standards that build trust and provides customer service and resources that meet client needs.



What is Wyoming 211?

Every hour of every day, people need essential services—from finding food and shelter to securing adequate care for a child or an aging parent. Faced with multiple agencies and nonprofits providing a broad range of social services, people often don't know where to turn or how to start. In many cases, they end up going without these necessary services.

Launched in February 2011, Wyoming 211 is a statewide helpline and website which provides free, confidential, health and human services information and referral.  By dialing 211 or visiting the website from anywhere in the state of Wyoming, people are linked to information about local resources, from both government and nonprofit agencies.


How Does it Work?

Wyoming 211 ensures that the health and human services system works by connecting people with the right services instead of the frustrating and time-wasting hit-or-miss connections made by people calling multiple agencies on their own behalf trying to find the right office or program or person. Health and human services are only valuable when they get to the right people. Wyoming 211 supports all health and social service providers' plans to be adaptive, flexible and responsive to the needs of people in Wyoming.

Until Wyoming 211, there had been no single, comprehensive statewide provider of information and referrals for Wyoming. Because many health and human services providers offer specialized programs and services for those in need, clients are often confused or frustrated about where to turn for help. The goal of Wyoming 211 is to improve the health and welfare of people in Wyoming by connecting them to appropriate services. It can be used directly by consumers as well as by service providers and case managers for referral information.


What Can Callers Receive Referrals for?

  • Basic human needs

    • Food, clothing, shelter, temporary financial assistance, transportation, disaster.
  • Physical and mental health resources

    • Crisis intervention, prenatal care, support groups, counseling, drug and alcohol intervention, rehabilitation, children's health insurance programs. 
  • Financial stability and employment support

    • Employment referral services, Earned Income Tax Credits, TANF/POWER, credit counseling, food stamps, rent and utility assistance, unemployment benefits, job training, education programs.
  • Support for Wyoming’s Senior, Disabled, and Veteran populations

    • Home health care, adult day care, congregate meals, respite care, transportation, homemaker services.
  • Support for Wyoming’s Children, Youth and Families

    • Childcare, after-school programs, family resource centers, summer camps, recreation programs, mentoring, tutoring, literacy programs, protective services. 
  • Support for community crisis or disaster recovery

    • Through information management and dissemination, 211 is a critical connection in the recovery process as a community prepares for and responds to a crisis.
  • Volunteer Services and Opportunities

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When is Wyoming 211 available?

211 is available Monday - Thursday 8AM to 6PM, and Friday 8AM to 5PM. Callers outside standard business hours will receive a follow-up call the next business day.

Service is available statewide by dialing 211 or 888-425-7138 during normal business hours and online anytime at

What's the difference between 211 and 911?

Wyoming 211 is a free, easy-to-remember phone number connecting callers with health and human services in their community.

911 is reserved for emergencies, police, ambulance, and fire.

This helpful infographic helps to distinguish the various assistance-related phone numbers and the assistance offered (wouldn't it look good on your fridge?)

Make The Right Call

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Wyoming 211 strives to include the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in our daily work.

Individuals and families in Wyoming face ongoing systemic barriers to accessing services and opportunity that relate to race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, religion, disability, nationality, age, sexual orientation or gender identity, which creates additional vulnerability. They may sometimes require more help because of that vulnerability.

Wyoming 211 is committed to providing equitable access to information and referral services to our diverse and vulnerable populations. It is essential that we act with compassion, empathy, and respect toward people from all backgrounds and circumstances.

Wyoming 211 is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, and will:

Strive for greater diversity within our board, committees, and staff that reflect the communities we live in and serve. We strive to include a wide range of voices and viewpoints in our strategic planning, program development, and implementation.

Provide ongoing training for staff and leadership to support these commitments.

Treat one another with dignity and respect in all activities.

Operationalize DEI by incorporating it into our annual strategic plan.

Lane, Sabrina

"The Wyoming 211 Board of Directors recently adopted a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement. They did so with a deep understanding of the importance of integrating it within the fabric of 211.

The development of the statement was a very thoughtful process looking both inward at our staff and board of directors and outward at our stakeholders and the diverse nature of the populations we serve. We are committed to operationalizing DEI into our daily work and strategic planning process.

By embracing diversity, equity and inclusion as an organizational value, we are intentionally making space for positive outcomes to thrive – with our board, with our staff, and with those that we serve."

Sabrina Lane
Wyoming 211 Executive Director