The agriculture community faces unique challenges, and may find themselves impacted by trade wars, natural disasters, low commodity prices, disease, labor shortages, and drought.

These stressors can weigh heavily on farmers and ranchers and even their family members.

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, financial challenges, farm or business problems and the fear of losing the farm are top contributors to farmers’ mental health. Cost, embarrassment, and stigma often prevent farmers from seeking help or treatment for a mental health condition.

To help farmers and ranchers in coping with the stress and demands that are unique to their industry, Wyoming 211 has partnered with the Wyoming Department of Agriculture and the Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network to provide information and referral to resources and services that may assist farmers and ranchers in need of support or assistance. Wyoming 211 is able to provide patience, compassion, information to make them aware of all the tools available to them.

The AgriStress Helpline for Wyoming is another resource for farmers and ranchers to reach out to trained professionals and get the assistance they need. Although making a call to the Helpline may feel outside of one’s comfort zone, you can break the stigma. The AgriStress Helpline for Wyoming provides that access to care to a vital population that often holds their burdens and worries in silence.


Live support with the AgriStress Helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are experiencing negative feelings or know someone who is, we encourage you to talk about it and seek treatment.

Additional Resources

Mental Health Services

Mental health is vital to the overall health and wellness of our agriculture community. Mental health and physical health are dependent on one another. Thus, productivity in agriculture requires a sound mind and body. When one or both are working properly, agriculture production and the work you do suffers. Services are available to assist farmers and ranchers with coping with the stresses and demands of their industries. Learn about services such as telehealth, self-care, and signs & symptoms to be aware of.

Advocacy and Mediation

When state and government decisions have potentially serious impacts to the work farmers and ranchers are doing, mediation and advocacy are ways that you can have your voice heard and to get assistance in settling disputes. Mediation and advocacy are proven methods that results in positive outcomes and successes for the agriculture industry.