This policy provides the criteria for inclusion/exclusion in the database maintained and used by Wyoming 2-1-1. The resource database contains information about service providers that enhance the quality of individual and community life.

The resource database is used to assist callers of the information and referral telephone line and the 2-1-1 website.

The database provides information about a broad range of community service organizations according to standards set by Wyoming 2-1-1 and the Alliance of Information and Referral Services (AIRS). The AIRS standards are the foundation of 211 service delivery and the prime benchmark of quality information and referral service.

Information in the database is used to help people find health and human service assistance. We are committed to fair and open decision-making that serves the broadest needs of the community. Wyoming 2-1-1 may solicit agencies to be added to the database, or agencies may request consideration for inclusion.


All organizations must meet the following minimum criteria in order to be considered for inclusion in the Wyoming 2-1-1 resource database:

  • New entities must demonstrate provision of service for at least six months (exceptions may be made for seasonal programs).
  • Programs or services that provide social, physical, mental, economic, educational, legal, community, consumer, health or human services to groups or individuals in Wyoming.
  • Are located within and/or offer services to the residents of Wyoming.

The following classifications of organizations may be included in Wyoming 2-1-1’s resource database:

  • Non-profit organizations that have received a letter of 501 (c) (3) status from the IRS
  • Churches, church-based service entities and social clubs or fraternal organizations that offer health and human services to non-members or the community at large.
  • Government agencies, elected officials, and educational institutions providing a community health or human service within the 2-1-1 service area
  • Local, statewide, and nationwide toll-free phone services or websites that can be accessed by callers in Wyoming AND that provide a socially beneficial service AND are administered by a government or nonprofit organization.
  • Organizations outside Wyoming that meet a critical need for residents in Wyoming
  • Self-help/support groups
  • Professional associations that provide specialized information and referral services related to their field of expertise.
    • These may include: counseling/psychiatry, medical, dental, legal.
  • Hospitals (for-profit and non-profit)
  • Advocacy groups
  • Private schools for special needs
  • Public schools and administrative offices

For-Profit organizations eligible for inclusion:

  • Licensed for-profit medical, health and physicians, dentists and optometrists that provide services to the public at no cost, reduced fees, sliding fee scale, or that accept Medicare or Equality Care (Medicaid/Title 19) or KidCare/CHIP.
  • Mental health agencies providing services by therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and services provided by for-profit independent licensed therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists.
  • Private, for-profit companies that provide services not met by public or nonprofit agencies in the community already or are not reasonably accessible due to geographic constraints, such as:
    • Programs offering free service, scholarships, reduced fees, sliding fee scale, or that accept Medicare or Equality Care (Medicaid/Title 19) or KidCare/CHIP.
    • Programs that satisfy court diversion requirements.
    • Programs that provide unique, specifically targeted, or difficult to access services not available through non-profit agencies
    • Programs that provide commission-based referrals that have a comprehensive assessment component such as nursing home referrals.
    • Programs that provide unregulated services but rely on, and demonstrate an organized and administrating body that has assumed liability, such as sober living homes.


If an agency does not (or no longer) meets the criteria listed in the inclusion section, Wyoming 211 reserves the right to refuse to list or to remove any resource within its database without notification.  Additionally, any resource that meets any of the following exclusion criteria will not be listed or will be immediately purged from the database without notice.

The following is a list of organizations are not eligible for inclusion:

  • Commercial business establishments and private, for-profit agencies not described above.
  • Non-profit organizations that are only able to list volunteer opportunities and donation needs, but not services for callers.
  • Agencies that violate federal, state, or local laws or regulations.
  • Unregulated for-profit health and human service providers.
  • Organizations such as churches and social clubs that offer a service to their members only
  • Agencies promoting or permitting racism or bigotry
  • Agencies that misrepresent their services in any way
  • Employment agencies that charge a fee to applicants
  • For-profit medical facilities, private, practitioners, group practitioners or therapies that do not provide a service at no cost or at a reduced cost (sliding scale fee)

Wyoming 211 reserves the right to refuse to list or to discontinue listing organizations that:

  • Have had serious complaints lodged against them with any regulatory body, with other organizations in the database providing similar services, or with Wyoming 2-1-1 or its partners.
  • Are in involved in illegal practices or criminal activities, including fraud.
  • Is found promoting or permitting discrimination.
  • Misrepresent their services in any way.


Inclusion in the database does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of or liability for any agency, program or service. Exclusion from the Wyoming 2-1-1 database simply indicates that criterion for inclusion has not been met; it does not signify lack of endorsement or recommendation. Wyoming 2-1-1 may remove or exclude organizations from the resource database at any time and for any reason.

Wyoming 2-1-1 reserves the right to edit information to meet guidelines, format and space requirements. Information listed is reported by provider organizations and as such, Wyoming 2-1-1 neither guarantees nor makes any representation as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in the database. Wyoming 2-1-1 disclaims any and all responsibility and liability that may be asserted or claimed resulting from or arising out of reliance upon the information and procedures presented in the resource database.

If an organization/agency submits an application and is determined to be ineligible to be listed within the Wyoming 2-1-1 database, the Resource Specialist (or representative of Wyoming 2-1-1) will respond with a letter of explanation within two weeks of the determination.

Any agency that is found to be ineligible for inclusion in the database may appeal the decision. To appeal, send an email that presents new information that addresses the reason for exclusion. The appeal will be reviewed and responded to within 30 days of receipt of the appeal. The board of directors may act as an arbitrator in the appeal decision if necessary.


Updated 01/23/2023