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Kinship Connections of Wyoming- Program Evaluation

Published October 17, 2023

Kinship Connections of Wyoming (KCOW) is a free program of Wyoming 211 that was implemented to meet the growing needs of grandparents, relatives, and other caregivers who are raising children who are not their own.  We believe that by fostering the positive well-being of kinship caregivers and children, the kinship caregiver will have an increased capacity to provide a safe, nurturing home.

KCOW is currently participating in an evidence-based program evaluation.  This is an important component of program stability.  Together with the Kinship Navigator Collaborative which includes Casey Family Programs, Generations United, University of Washington, Montana State University, University of Wyoming, and the states of Montana, Wyoming, Maine, and Vermont, we are halfway through an evidence-based evaluation.  Due to the rural nature of Wyoming, we joined forces with Montana to provide a dual evaluation.  This is the first of its kind.  No two states have come together, combined program components and services to join in a single evaluation that will be submitted to the Federal Prevention Services Clearinghouse for a program rating.

Once rated, Wyoming will be able to show that it has a proven evidence-based program to continue to provide kinship services across the state of Wyoming.  This will also ensure continued support from the federal government to continue these needs services the kinship caregivers in every corner of our state.  There is an increasing number of kinship caregivers, not just in Wyoming, but across the states and countries.  It is important we take all the necessary steps to ensure there are programs out there to provide resources and advocacy to those caregivers keeping their families together.

To learn more about the resources available, please visit or call 211

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