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Kinship Connections of Wyoming

Published February 17, 2023

In life, we can often find ourselves in unforeseen situations. Especially if we are all of a sudden parenting for a second time around or caring for younger siblings. A grandparent, relative and other caregivers who are raising children that are not their own are referred to as kinship caregivers. Navigating through these difficult times can often feel overwhelming and lonely.

Kinship Connections of Wyoming was created to assist kinship caregivers with finding resources and services they need during a stressful, overwhelming time in their lives. It is important that caregivers know about the many resources available to them and have someone by their side while they figure out how to live life in a different way and create a safe stable placement for the children they are caring for. It is Kinship Connections of Wyoming’s goal to offer free support and resources to caregivers, so children continue living with family members who know their habits, cultures, and personalities rather than entering the foster care system.

Kinship Connections of Wyoming assists with understanding, navigating, and accessing the system of resources, care supports, and services available in their communities including accessing health care and legal services, respite care, support groups, advocacy, training, and emergency funds for the purpose of strengthening the family while promoting stability for the abused and neglected children in their care.

This gift kinship caregivers are giving to the children they are caring for can be extremely rewarding but also very challenging. Kinship Connections of Wyoming wants to minimize stressors through support and advocacy. Kinship Connections of Wyoming is a program through Wyoming 211. Contact a Kinship navigator today by dialing 2-1-1.

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