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Published April 13, 2023
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Gail has fallen upon hard times. She recently fled a domestic violence situation and moved to Campbell County to start a new life with her children, ages 1 and 3. Now living as a single mom caring for her two children alone, Gail needs help to make ends meet. She needs a job that covers her rent, utilities, gas, food and everyday essentials. Feeling overwhelmed by her circumstances, Gail calls Wyoming 211 for help!

First things first, Gail needs a job! A Community Resource Specialist (CRS) at Wyoming 211 pointed Gail towards Workforce Services in Gillette. She was provided with the address, hours of operation and a phone number, all texted to her cell phone as she requested.

Even with the possibility of a new job on the horizon, Gail is still worried about how she will pay her rent in a week before she gets her first paycheck. To help get Gail over the hump, she is referred to the Salvation Army of Campbell County for rent and utilities assistance. With the help of her CRS, Gail learns what documents she needs to bring with her for her intake appointment at the Salvation Army.

Gail is still worried about putting food on the table for her children. Gail’s resource specialist tells her about the non-perishable and frozen foods that she can receive from the Council of Community Services.

After a follow-up call, Gail informs her resource specialist just how helpful her referrals were. Through the connections made, Gail was able to find a good paying job that would provide for her family. With utility assistance through the Salvation Army, Gail was able to use her paycheck to help cover daycare costs for her kids. And, through the generosity of the Council of Community Services, the had enough food to get her to payday!

Gail has a renewed since of hope for her family’s future. She is so glad she called 2-1-1!

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