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Meet Kevin

Published October 17, 2023

Kevin is a recently divorced, single-father living in Converse County. He’s been struggling with depression ever since his wife filed for divorce after 12 years of marriage. She moved across the country, leaving Kevin to raise their 9 year old daughter, Natalie, on his own. While sipping some coffee in the break room at work, Kevin noticed a poster detailing all of the services that Wyoming 211 can provide information for. He was curious if Wyoming 211 could help him and decided to call.

Kevin was greeted by the friendly voice of Kim, a Wyoming 211 community resources specialist. Kim learned that Kevin had been dealing with bouts of depression since his wife had left. Raising his daughter alone was difficult . Kim told Kevin about the Specialty Counseling Center and their individual and family therapy sessions they provide. Kevin would just need to provide proof of insurance to be seen. Unfortunately, Kevin’s job at the mechanic shop did not provide insurance. Kim was happy to be able to pre-screen Kevin for health insurance through Marketplace and give him contact information for a navigator at Enroll Wyoming. Kevin was happy to hear that he could get insurance for himself since he is no longer on his ex-wife’s policy.

Kim asked if Kevin needed help with anything else at this time. Kevin had shared that he was feeling guilty that Natalie, his daughter, was having to come home to an empty house after school. His work schedule has his coming home around 6pm and he doesn’t have much time to help Natalie with her homework. Kim informed him that the After School Program at The Boys & Girls Club of Douglas was only $50 a month and that she can stay at the club until 6. Kim let Kevin know she would follow up next week to see if the information she had shared had been helpful.

After her follow up phone call, Kim learned that Kevin had called his Enroll Wyoming navigator and had been placed on Marketplace insurance. He was so thankful for the referral. Now that his insurance was in place, Kevin called the Specialty Counseling Center to set up a therapy session for next week. He was really looking forward to getting some guidance on how to handle his depression.

Kevin mentioned that he had enrolled Natalie in the after school program at The Boys and Girls Club of Douglas. She had been attending for only a few days, but was loving it. Kevin loved that she was able to spend the afternoon with friends and receive homework help from the staff. Kevin told Kim he was so glad that he called 2-1-1. He knew he had been connected to more than resources. He had been connected to hope.

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