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Providing Help for “Mona” through Wyoming 211’s ADRC

Published October 17, 2023

Last month, we received a call from Mona out of Campbell County. Mona is an older adult who is hard of hearing and almost blind. She was concerned about her vision and was looking for help. A community resource specialist took a brief intake of information from Mona and then handed her over to Tammy, the Wyoming 211’s ADRC (Aging & Disability Resource Center) navigator.

After speaking with Mona, Tammy immediately contacted Rhonda, an employee of Tender Care Home Health Services in Campbell County. Tammy met Rhonda after giving a presentation to the organization and knew that Rhonda could help Mona in her time of need. Knowing that Mona is hard of hearing, Tammy requested that Rhonda visit Mona in-person to be able to communicate with her better.

Rhonda called Mona and set up a meeting for the next day. She helped Mona make an appointment with her eye doctor and will be seeing him soon to get the cataract removed from her eye, which is causing the blindness.  After Mona’s surgery is completed, she should not have issues with blindness anymore.  Rhonda also contacted the senior center in Gillette to set up a ride from Mona’s house to her doctor. 

During their meeting, Rhonda found out that Mona is a veteran, but does not have her DD214 (a military service record).  Rhonda reached back out to Tammy to see if she could help. Tammy contacted the Wyoming Veteran’s Commission and they were able to guide her through getting a DD214 for Mona.  The Wyoming Veteran’s Commission also gave Tammy contact information for the VSO (Veteran Services Officer) in Gillette. A VSO can help Mona apply for Aid & Attendance to help her pay for in-home assistance.

Continuing to help Mona, Rhonda made a call to her audiologist and arranged for Mona’s son to take her to Billings, MT, for her appointment later this month.  Rhonda will continue to assist Mona upon her request.  Mona shared how thankful she was to have called Wyoming 211 and to have been connected to Tammy.

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