To invest in the economic self-sufficiency of women and opportunities for girls in Wyoming.

What is the Self-Sufficiency Standard?

The Self-Sufficiency Standard calculates how much income families of various sizes and compositions need to make ends meet at a minimally adequate level without public or private assistance.

  • The Wyoming Self-Sufficiency Standard (2020) is available HERE.
  • The Key Findings from the 2020 Wyoming Self-Sufficiency Standard can be found HERE.


Use the Self-Sufficiency Calculator

What does it take to be self-sufficient? Enter your County and Family Composition into the Self-Sufficiency Calculator to find out.

Use the Self-Sufficiency Calculator to determine how much income is required to meet basic needs, with the amount varying by family composition and geographic location.

This tool can be used in a variety of ways—by clients of workforce and training programs seeking paths to self-sufficiency, by program managers to evaluate program effectiveness, and by  policymakers and legislators seeking to create programs and pathways that lead to self-sufficiency for working families.


Visit the Wyoming Women's Foundation website for more information.