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Published February 10, 2023

What defines you? It’s an important question. The answer sets the course for everything that follows. The things that define you should be the most important parts of your life. I might suggest that what defines a person is love, resilience and how they support and encourage other people around them.

These qualities are necessary for success in nonprofit work, especially for those who interact directly with people in need. It takes a special person to embody these defining qualities. The Community Resource Specialists at Wyoming 211 have a singular mission of supporting our Wyoming neighbors through some of life’s greatest challenges.

With an attentive ear and a caring heart, our Community Resource Specialists provide solutions after skillfully accessing the fundamental issues. Once a trusted relationship is established between specialist and caller, the focus turns towards the opportunities that are available. Often times our clients are embarrassed of needing a “hand out”. But, in the words of Josie- Wyoming 211 Specialist Team lead, “we give you a hand up!”

It is our honor to support and encourage the people of Wyoming through providing information and resource referrals to help them have hope for another day. We are connectors. We are help. We are 211.

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