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Wyoming 211’s Comprehensive Database of Resources

Published September 11, 2023

Wyoming 211’s Unrivaled Database

Wyoming 211 maintains a comprehensive database that is comprised of over 2,800 resources. Since 2018, we have grown our database by 82%. By accessing our comprehensive database, we can provide vital information on available services that can meet the pressing needs of consumers, including awareness of programs and services that promote education, health, and tools that can assist in moving them out of poverty and on to self-sufficiency.

Reliability at Its Core: AIRS Taxonomy and Database Curation

The Wyoming 211 database houses the largest inventory of family, health and human services in our state. All Wyoming 211 records in the database are curated to be reliable using nationally recognized AIRS (Alliance of Information and Referral Systems) taxonomy. In addition to the resources in the comprehensive database, we are able to provide real-time resource referrals by using the database system that allows for just-in-time updates.

There are 10 major service categories in our database based upon “taxonomy”. These categories are Basic Needs, Consumer Services, Criminal Justice and Legal Services, Education, Environment and Public Health/Safety, Health Care, Income Support and Employment, Individual and Family Life, Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services, and Organizational/Community/International Services. Each of these categories branch into six increasingly narrowly focused levels of classifications or services. For example, under Basic Needs you will find categories such as Food, from there you will find food pantries, commodity food, food vouchers, etc.

Behind the Scenes: Meet Wyoming 211’s Database Team

Wyoming 211’s database is run by Jane Cramb, Resource Database Supervisor and Nichole Coyne, Resource Database Specialist. Both of these ladies are passionate about finding new resources to add to our database. Jane says, “When I first started working at Wyoming 211 in 2012, I was a call specialist. There were certain resources that we didn’t have. I love being able to get in touch with agencies that I know can help people and add them as a resource to our database. It’s been amazing to see the growth in resources that we have had since I started.”

Nichole helped start our Agriculture program in partnership with the Wyoming Department of Agriculture and the Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network. You can view the complied resources here. This program provides specific resources for Wyoming’s farming and ranching communities to help them cope with the stress and demands that are unique to their industry. Many of the resources are focused on mental health. “I have a soft spot for the agriculture industry. I have had a few people in my life that are a part of that industry who have died by suicide. I have taken it upon myself to try to find mental health resources for these communities so that we can let them know that it’s completely ok to ask for help.”

How You Can Help Expand the Database

Our database team works diligently to keep the resources in our database updated and accurate. They also spend time looking for and adding new resources. If you are aware of services in your community that are not in our database but should be, please have them reach out to Jane or Nichole, or let us know about service provider and we will contact them.

Headshot of Jane Cramb

Jane Cramb- Resource Database Supervisor

Headshot of Nichole Coyne

Nichole Coyne- Resource Database Specialist

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