Wyoming 211 has been experiencing a period of unprecedented growth.

Executive Director Sabrina Lane has been with Wyoming 211 since June 2018.

Under her leadership, the organization has seen significant growth to meet the increase of needs statewide.

In 2022,

  • a Director of Development and Marketing and an Associate Director were added to the staff,
  • the 2022 Wyoming Legislature approved ARPA funding for Wyoming 211,
  • the Ride United Transportation Access program was launched,
  • and a new website platform was initiated providing users with a fresh new look.

Over the course of 2022, Wyoming 211 fielded almost 3,800 calls, with over 600 directly related to COVID. Wyoming 211 also made over 8,600 referrals to agencies across the state.

Several of the COVID related calls received included inquiries about what to do when exposed or infected, locations of local community clinics and where to get tested for COVID.  However, the more pressing issues and requests continue to be for rent assistance, utility service payments, information regarding food pantries and access to food, and mental health services.  Because Wyoming 211 can cover a multitude of bases with one phone call, this service has played a crucial role during the crisis.

Wyoming 211 measures the effectiveness and quality of service through information collected from the follow-up call process. After the initial intake and referral process, a follow-up call or text tracks if the individuals’ need was met, if the referrals given were appropriate, if they called any of the services, if they learned about new resources, and if the Community Resource Specialist who initially helped them was professional and courteous.


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