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Community Data & Reports

The resources below present and discuss Wyoming 211's research findings and data.

Wyoming 211 Search Engine Dashboard

Wyoming 211 began collecting analytic data on all searches done after the search engine's introduction in May of 2023. The interactive dashboard above shows how Wyoming 211 reports on search engine data.

211 counts makes it easy to view monthly and yearly trends

Would you like to know how many of those people live in a particular ZIP code, county or legislative district?

Near real-time data is now available via an initiative called 211 Counts, which Wyoming 211 joined in early 2019. A “dashboard” at can be customized to help document community needs and create reports for use by governments, nonprofits, service providers or anyone with an interest in community well-being.

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211 Counts Dashboard
211 Counts Dashboard
211 Counts Dashboard
211 Counts Dashboard
211 Counts Dashboard

Quarterly & annual reports

Wyoming 211 measures effectiveness in quarterly and annual reports by measuring service quality using information gathered from the follow-up call procedure.