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group of girls laughing in the background with the Wyoming women's foundation logo in front

Wyoming Women’s Foundation

Established in 1999, the Wyoming Women’s Foundation (WYWF) is one of a family of funds held at the Wyoming Community Foundation. WYWF makes grants and spearheads initiatives that benefit women and girls as well as our communities overall. As a statewide leader dedicated to promoting women and girls, we leverage funds through our endowment, and grantmaking is focused on lasting change.

WYWF is advised by a volunteer board that helps to set granting and advocacy direction, and to raise funds to carry out its mission. The mission of the Wyoming Women’s Foundation is to invest in the economic self-sufficiency of women and opportunities for girls in Wyoming.


What is the Self-Sufficiency Standard?

The Self-Sufficiency Standard calculates how much income families of various sizes and compositions need to make ends meet at a minimally adequate level without public or private assistance.

  • The Wyoming Self-Sufficiency Standard (2020) is available here.
  • The Key Findings from the 2020 Wyoming Self-Sufficiency Standard can be found here.

Use the Self-Sufficiency Calculator

What does it take to be self-sufficient? Enter your County and Family Composition into the Self-Sufficiency Calculator to find out.

Use the Self-Sufficiency Calculator to determine how much income is required to meet basic needs, with the amount varying by family composition and geographic location.

This tool can be used in a variety of ways—by clients of workforce and training programs seeking paths to self-sufficiency, by program managers to evaluate program effectiveness, and by policymakers and legislators seeking to create programs and pathways that lead to self-sufficiency for working families.