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Looking for a way to get involved in your community?

Look no further! Wyoming 211 is hoping to partner with individuals from every county in Wyoming to help us raise awareness about the health and human services connections we provide individuals and families. With the assistance of 211 Ambassadors, we will have a bigger presence in each communityYou can lend your support in the form of time and attendance at events and meetings. 

Wyoming 211’s mission is to be a trusted and responsive provider of information, referrals and support regarding health and social services in partnership with communitiesWe are looking for individuals who believe in the work Wyoming 211 is doing and aligns with our missionA 211 Ambassador will help us have a greater reach, grow our support base, nurture relationships around the state and add personalization and experience to our mission and vision.  

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Benefits of being a 211 Ambassador

Being a Wyoming 211 ambassador comes with many benefits. Below are among few of the many benefits.
  • Receiving a sense of satisfaction in assisting those in need and making a difference in the lives of others 
  • Become more aware of services available to you and your loved ones in your community 
  • Meet new people 
  • Develop leadership and presentation skills 
  • Make valuable business and community connections 
  • Develop meaningful friendships with the 211 staff and fellow ambassadors 
  • Help spread the word about Wyoming 211 through tabling opportunities 
  • Be involved in raising funds for 211 by assisting in fundraising events 
Become an Ambassador

What you will receive

To ensure your success as an ambassador for Wyoming 211, you will receive the following materials and swag:

  • One-pagers about Wyoming 211 to help guide your conversation with your community 
  • Marketing materials to promote the organization 
  • A name badge and business cards 
  • An email address  
  • A 211 Ambassador shirt and hat 
  • 2 Days of training at the Wyoming 211 Call Center 
Become an Ambassador
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