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Wyoming Plans of Safe Care (PoSC)

A Plan of Safe Care is designed for Infants Prenatally Substance Exposed and their families.

In 2023, the Wyoming Legislature codified the Federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act- Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CAPTA-CARA) requirement for a Plan of Safe Care. W.S. 35-2-1401 requires the development of a plan of safe care when an infant is born with and identified, or identified prenatally, as being affected by substance abuse or withdrawal symptoms resulting from prenatal drug or alcohol exposure. Information on the state law can be found here.

What is a plan of safe care?

The ultimate goal is ensuring families have the support needed to ensure a greater likelihood of family stability and reduce separation of mother and baby. A PoSC is a document that lists and directs referrals for services and supports to provide for the safety and well-being of an infant prenatally substance exposed.

It is also:

  • A personalized guide to ensure care coordination is provided to help families thrive.
  • A document that reflects strengths, needs, and accomplishments to your providers.

When can a plan of safe care be made?

A Plan of Safe Care should be initiated at the time prenatal substance use is identified; this can be prenatally or at the birth event. Both federal and state law require that a plan of safe care be developed prior to the infant discharging from the hospital.

The earlier a Plan of Safe Care is initiated, the more time the support system can assist in preparing for the baby.

Who is involved in developing a Wyoming Plan of Safe Care?

Wyoming Patient Care Teams are charged with developing a Plan of Safe Care with families in order to provide comprehensive care coordination through collaboration and consultation with medical and substance use professionals, family support specialists, and community services. Plans of Safe Care will vary depending on the circumstances. A Plan of Safe Care is meant to be a community safety net for families impacted by prenatal substance use.  The Wyoming Department of Health has developed a variety of documents and templates, a notification process, and patient care team training opportunities.

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Find a Center Near You

Wyoming’s Child Development Centers provide early intervention supports and services at no cost to families. Services include developmental screening, diagnostic evaluation, and care coordination.

Contact the Child Development Center nearest you for more information and to schedule a free screening for your child.

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Helpful Tools & Resources

For more information, helpful tools, and resources regarding Plans of Safe Care, please click here.