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Meet Heather

Published March 30, 2024
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Heather is a single woman, living in Park County, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 10 years ago. She has a successful career as an insurance agent, but lately her declining health has made it difficult to work. She’s been struggling with mobility for several months and decided it was time to get some help. On her daily commute to work, Heather passes a street bench with information about a few of the resources Wyoming 211 has available. Even though the specific issues Heather is facing were not mentioned on the bench sign, she thought she would call to see if someone could help her.

Heather was greeted by the friendly voice of Kim, a Wyoming 211 community resources specialist. Kim learned that Heather had been struggling to move freely around her house and had fallen several times. Heather said she thought it was time to start using a cane or walker to get around easier. She also mentioned that she is not able to work a full day, due to the MS, and was starting to struggle to make ends meet. Kim told Heather about Wyoming 211’s Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC). Kim knew that Tina, an ADRC navigator, could give Heather the time and attention she needs to receive the resources most helpful to her. Heather gave Tina a call.

Tina sympathized with Heather and told her she would do her best to get her connected to resources specific to her needs. Tina first connected Heather to The Wyoming Services for Independent Living. They can provide Tina assistance with developing the skills needed for her to continue to live as independently as possible.  The Wyoming Services for Independent Living can even give her personal assistance services, arrange transportation, budgeting, and home management. Heather thought this would be helpful in her keeping her in her home for longer.

Tina suggested that Heather reach out to the Cody Senior Center. Even though Heather is not over the age of 60, the Cody Senior Center will provide her with mobility assistance equipment. Most items can be rented for less $20 or less and includes wheelchairs, walkers, canes and much more.

After listening to Heather’s concerns of being able to work full-time at her current job, Tina suggested she reach out to Wyoming Workforce Services. She knew they would be able to connect her to other career opportunities that would be more feasible for her with her declining health.

After her follow up phone call, Kim learned that Heather had met with the Wyoming Services for Independent Living and they were helping her rearrange her home to make it easier for her to navigate in. She also received a cane from the Cody Senior Center to help her mobility issues. She also spoke with Wyoming Workforce Services and is exploring her options for different job possibilities.Heather told Kim she was so glad that she called 2-1-1. She knew she had been connected to more than resources. She had been connected to hope.

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