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Need a ride? RUTA is here to help!

Published January 23, 2023
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Wyoming 211 has partnered with United Way Worldwide and Lyft to address pressing transportation needs to help people access services for specific and needed situations. These needs, otherwise considered “eligible use cases”, can include essential medical services, complete education programs, get to job interviews, and more. Rides may be available to assist clients getting connected to those needed services when all other transportation options have been exhausted, and is not be used for long distance and/or ongoing transportation.

At this time, transportation services are only available in Laramie County, Albany County, and Natrona County. Lyft currently does not provide services in other counties across the state. We will be more than happy to bring new counties online as Lyft services become available. To utilize RUTA, client calls or is referred to 211 to request transportation assistance for an eligible use case. 211 Specialist assesses client eligibility and schedules or dispatches a free or discounted Lyft ride on behalf of the client. Client receives a text message when the ride is on its way.

Rides can only be scheduled between these hours: Monday-Thursday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. and Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Riders who fit our service criteria can often receive rides immediately, sometimes even while they are on the phone with our Specialists. Riders can schedule rides up to seven days into the future and are able to schedule return rides, when appropriate.

Lyft communicates all updates to clients via text or through a cell phone with service, informing them of pick-ups and driver details, ensuring that the clients gets the ride they need. If there are changes to the driver or pick-ups, those details are also sent via text or a Lyft agent relays information over the cell phone to the client. We have no other way to share this information with riders other than through a cell phone with service.

The following list details use cases for riders to be eligible for the RUTA program. This is not an exhaustive list. Contact our Community Resource Specialists by dialing 2-1-1 to learn more.

Health: Medical/dental/eye appointments and testing; Mental health support; Substance use support; Pharmacy services; Apply for Medicare/Medicaid/CHIP; Return home from ER; Veterans Affairs services; COVID vaccination and booster appointments; Inoculation appointments.

Employment: Job Interviews; Commuting to/from work; Pre-employment needs (i.e. fingerprinting, etc); Technology Acquisition

Food Security: SNAP/WIC applications/interviews; Grocery store/food pantry visits; Prepared/hot meals

Education: Commuting to/from school or daycare; Enrollment; Guardian school engagement; Library or internet access; Technology acquisition

Legal: Commuting to/from court proceedings/counsel; Court ordered community service; Eviction court; Probation/parole check-in; Court ordered education; Record expungement

Housing: Accessing/maintaining benefits (vouchers, etc); Emergency shelter; Utilities assistance

Economic Stability: Record obtainment (SSN, birth/death cert., etc.); Transportation services (DMV, car repair, etc.); Financial coaching/empowerment; Tax preparation services; Essential supplies (non-food)

*Please note that ten rides per month are available per resident. *One ride is equivalent to a single request for a one-way ride or a round-trip ride; rides cannot be guaranteed during inclement weather; and all rides are based on funding available to Wyoming 211.

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